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Confessions Of An Accidental Scholar

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In Confessions of an Accidental Scholar, author Tom Corbett completes an intellectual journey that reflects on his four-plus decades as a social policy guru and sometimes scholar. That journey starts with Confessions of a Clueless Rebel, in which he recounts his early days growing up in closed, working class, ethnic community and the several transformative experiences that expanded his ambitions and broadened his world view. In Confessions of a Wayward Academic,the author shares his struggles while confronting the most vexing policy battles of the last half century, an era when the country endured a social policy revolution. This final volume of the series, Confessions of an Accidental Scholar,completes the trilogy. This work takes the reader on a quite different journey, a path that goes deeper into how to think about the big policy issues and social challenges of our times. In the end, Corbett makes numerous intriguing, even compelling points. Becoming a successful policy wonk is more than conquering the technical skills of doing quantitative analysis or dissecting issues with analytical acumen. It often demands creativity, imagination, breadth of interests, a nimble and acquisitive mind, historical depth, and just a little rebellious risk-taking. Follow the author as he shares his struggles to make sense of the more daunting social challenges of the late 20th century, his insights on doing policy work well, and his thoughts on how you might contribute to the public good. Above all, enjoy his insightful intellectual wanderings as he touches upon mind-numbing conundrums with originality and wit. It is a great journey to be enjoyed both by students of policy and all those concerned with our public welfare.                      

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